New to gracecrowd

Everyone has had to deal with that feeling that comes when you walk into a new place or a new experience for the first time…and you don’t know anyone. Remember turning up to a new school or walking into the office on the first day of your new job. It wasn’t a particularly pleasant feeling. Coming to a new church can often conjure up those same emotions.

We can’t wave a magic wand and make those feelings disappear for you but we do believe that coming to gracecrowd for the first time won’t be anywhere near as awkward as you might think and you will probably not be the only ‘new guys’ here.

We are a friendly church and we have people who will make you feel welcomed and who will introduce you to others. We have lots of people who are genuinely friendly and who want to make you feel comfortable about worshipping with us. We reckon you will settle in in no time.

We are fairly confident that in no time at all you will be feeling like a regular gracecrowder. We have a very relaxed atmosphere; one where it is easy to talk and get to know people after our worship service.

Send us an email or call us (info on the web page) if you want to speak to someone personally about coming along.
If you’re looking for it, it’s hard to walk past authentic worship, good teaching and wonderful people… and that’s what we here at gracecrowd believe we have.

So Welcome!
We pray that God will touch your life today.
(For the questions this is the start…more will come)

Do you have connect groups?

We certainly do. Email us and we will contact you directly.

Is there a Youth Group?

Absolutely! Everyone from the age of 12 is so welcome! For more info on youth click here.

What age can my children go to Kids Church?

Kids Church is for all children between the ages of 4 –11 (inclusive). For more info click here.

How do I get involved?

One of the best ways to feel involved is to get involved.
There are lots of ways you can serve in gracecrowd.
Be part of the morning tea roster once a month. This simply involves you bringing a plate of something to share for morning tea.
Helping out in kids church once a term.
Be part of the sound desk team.
Maybe there is another way you are passionate to serve, if so we would love to hear what is it, so email us at