At gracecrowd we are looking to make Jesus’ last commandment our first concern. (Matt 28) We want to partner with, educate and equip people to become red-hot, faith-filled, obedient, people-loving, God -honouring disciples. We are disciples making disciples.

We take this heavenly task seriously so we are not content with just filling all the chairs in the church. Jesus has tag-teamed the church, His church, to get the job done…and we don’t want to become side-tracked from what Jesus said the job was; the main game, making disciples of all men. That’s why we have training and programs in place that will assist you, not to just be a disciple, but to make a disciple… and then make some more.


We really believe there is something very healthy about seeing a church engaged in worshipping God. Wholehearted (body, soul and spirit) Jesus-centred worship. You can expect to see this at gracecrowd. So don’t be surprised to find people singing ( Psalm 96.1) kneeling (Psalm 95.6) dancing (2 Samuel 6.14) or raising their hands (1Timothy 2.8).

When we read the Psalms or see the examples set by the bible heroes, it is easy to conclude that authentic and heartfelt worship is vital…to both God and His people.

Our worship is our expression of the first and the greatest commandment, ‘Love The Lord your God with all your heart and soul and strength.’ That scripture carries so much passion. We want our church to return that passion in kind as we adore the focus of our worship; The Lord Jesus Christ.


We believe the bible is God’s word – all of it. We have seen it change peoples lives for the good, time and time again. Jesus described the bible as being both powerful and eternal (Mark 12.31 and Matthew 4.4). In Hebrews (4.12) the bible is described as alive and powerful!

We encourage people at gracecrowd to read and study God’s word (1 Peter 2.2) and to love it like King David loved it. David always meditated on God’s word and identified it as the secret to his success as a leader and as a man (Psalm 119).

Anyone who reads it and practices it will also have it change their lives for the better. How can it not? Heaven has sent us a ‘how-to’ manual and a love letter.

So take that bible of the shelf or download one for free onto your smartphone. Read it, obey it and love it and watch how your life changes as a result.


At gracecrowd we believe we are a seed movement. Nothing fancy, just ordinary people doing the things God has asked us to do. Ephesians 4 tells us that the chief purpose of the church is to prepare, empower and equip people to tap into their function, or their niche, in the church…and then get really good at it. That’s the main task of the church.

Not so much sermons or offerings or music but helping people to find out what their God ordained purpose in life is. That’s an incredibly noble mission. And we all get to play a part in it. We love the church of Jesus and we love what God has called us to do.

At gracecrowd we want to help you discover what God had in mind when He created you. And then we want you to be able to help (or equip) others to find out what His plan is for them. Together, we can all be what we were meant to be, as we bring glory to God in the church (Ephesians 3.21).


We often ask a very important question at gracecrowd. It is this, ‘If gracecrowd was to disappear from the city tomorrow, who would care?’ We want to make sure that the answer to that question is NOT ‘no one’.

Our intention is to be a blessing in the city of Townsville. We want to bless people of all race and culture, migrants and refugees, people who are poor and desperate, our schools and hospitals, service men and women, our City Council, our leaders and other churches and agencies who help all these people.

We want people to know and love us because we have demonstrated the love and kindness of God to them. Heaven has a heart for the city of Townsville and Heaven needs us to be the hands and feet of Jesus. This is really important to us.

We need your help as we be the salt and light that Jesus spoke about (Matthew 5. 13-14).