Crosslink is the governing body which oversees gracecrowd and more than 100 other churches around Australia and Asia. It is a group of churches and ministries that are connected firstly through relationship and kingdom.

This is really important to us. We love Crosslink and the values it espouses. They are big on keeping us on task as we go about doing the things that Jesus has asked us, His church, to do. They don’t fuss too much over all the things that can often become distractions in church life.

Crosslink is refreshing. It offers a way for it’s churches and associated ministries to really go about the work of the kingdom with purpose, clarity and accountability. Check out their website and get a sense of what it is that is important to them…and to us here at gracecrowd.


Collective Shout is an organisation that is active in stamping out the objectification and sexualisation of women in the media. It is passionate about letting everyone know that the media is harming our young women, our young men and their future. They refuse to stand idly by and allow our internet, televisions, shopping centres, schools and other public spaces to become wallpapered with pornographic images or images that degrade girls and women.

They have done their research into the impacts pornography is having on our nation and the results are not encouraging; we are not being served by it.
Our Marriages, families, bank accounts and minds are being affected in all the wrong ways by the power of pornography. We are cheering Collective Shout on as they take on this corporate monster.

Check out their website


Darren and Melissa Lewis are the faces behind Fathering Adventures.
Fathering Adventures gets it’s impetus from the prophet Malachi who said there is a day coming where God ‘…will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers.’

What a great day that will be given that we have had more than one generation now where the research shows our children’s hearts have not been connected to their father’s.
Our families need all the help and the strength they can get. Our Dads need to be on board, actively engaged and available for their kids.

Find out how you can set off on a 2 or 5 night Fathering Adventure with your son or daughter, and remain the hero your child is believing for.


Helping Hands is a most wonderful organisation working in one of the most impoverished slums (Kaputhli) in Jaipur, India. Bob and Janine Mann are two Australians who were greatly impacted by the lack of good health practices, of good nutrition and of good education they encountered when they first came to Kaputhli. To their credit, Bob and Janine did something about it.

They started a school.
In 2005 the school was opened and 32 children attended on that first day. Today there are close to 500 students who attend. These 500 are bused to school, fed, put in uniform and educated. We love what is happening at Helping Hands Jaipur and we support Bob and Janine as they continue to do this amazing work.

Check out their webpage to get a better picture of what Helping Hands is about and how you might be able to help them in their beautiful endeavour.